Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My 4th was Crafty Linkalicious - Was Yours?

The celebration of the birth of our nation was, for me, underwhelming this year. The politics of it aside, the weather was craptastic, which kept the numbers down at our local Plaza celebration, the Jubilee. And I couldn't find my peeps, damnit. Turns out they were unexpectedly watching the breakdancers onstage. Didn't think to look for 'em there, sadly. Anyway, I bailed and headed back to la casa after a fruitless hourlong search. There, I found a starling in my chimney, which I describe here.

Since nothing else was going on, I did some websurfing, and found a bunch of yummy new crafting links to share with you. O.k., since it seems like a lot of my 8 or so readers are not super, shall we say, blog-savvy, I offer up some tasty links that more seasoned blog afficionados have undoubtedly already discovered. Enjoy at will.

  • eQuilter for ooh-la-la fabrics & buttons to die for



  1. I thought that was you on the roof

    but then...

    on closer inspection,

    I notice that he does not have your curvacious ass

    does he???

    sorry I missed you today

  2. i am laughing so hard that if i was drinking milk it would be out my nose and on the keyboard. you are haha funny, not 'look at her' funny. much love, v
    p.s. his ass is grabalicious, not curvilicious
    p.s.s. sorry *I* missed *you* today


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