Friday, September 08, 2006

Pleased as Punch

My prizer yarn, wheee!

Isn't this yarn purdy? Well, it's about to be mine, all MINE! This bag of Gedifra Aragona #3310 is the prize for the winner of the Knit the Classics August knitalong of Lolita, and they picked my project! (Blush). But even better than yarn shwag in the mail (I know, what is better than that?!?) were all the great comments from KAL participants; thanks to tatjana, silver arrow, jennifer, pixie girl, teabird, and everyone else for their kind words. And thanks to the hardworking KTC moderators who shepherd this beast of a knitalong every month; kudos Stephanie et. al. Want more? Scroll down or go here to read more.


  1. Awesome Yarn! I loved your Lolita project. My Husband also read the book with us and he said your project was PERFECT for those two characters in the book!

  2. thanks so much, paula (and hubby too).

  3. I do not believe this! I was surfing around looking for a spinning wheel, ended up looking on some Humboldt sites, and ended up here on your blog.

    I recognized your award winning bikini -- I'm a member of Knit the Classics. You will not believe this...I live in Humboldt County, too, Eureka to be specific.

    I've been wanting to find a SnB group, but can't make it on Thursdays. It's too fun to find another local blogger, though. (I know Tosh from the McK group.)

    Glad to find you! I've probably even met you. :)

  4. hi becky~ yeah, you never know who you'll run into online, eh? hope you can make it to join us some time. come back again!


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