Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not. Dead. Yet.

Hey, I'm not dead, or in Sri Lanka, or MIA writing the Great American Novel, I'm just experiencing technical difficulties. The laptop is in the shop, and I'm borrowing the 'puter next door at the Coffee Break (thanks, Carlos!).

In the meantime, I got meme-tagged by Jono at *insertwittytitlehere* and must play along, particularly after my "I love memes" post the other day. He provided me the following five "random" words, to which I responded with the first thing that came to mind, ala Freud.

1. Stick = up
2. Bottle = rocket
3. Mint = julep
4. Camera = candid
5. Trolley = train

Now, my five words for fellow bloggers Natasha, Pippi, Patrick, Mike, and Maven:

1. book
2. bottle
3. bench
4. bounce
5. blink

Meme on, my friends, meme on.


  1. Though I don't really get "into" memes, I will post my responses herein:

    1. book bible
    2. bottle booze
    3. bench park
    4. bounce pogo
    5. blink 82


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