Sunday, September 03, 2006

FO - Humbert Humbert Cherry Pie Unmentionables

Here's a new Finished Object for your perusal/critique/(enjoyment?). This lil' number is my contribution to the Knit the Classics Lolita-along for August. A pig bra of Cascade 220 to represent Humbert Humbert and his piggish behavior, and a slice of cherry pie thong in Cascade 220 and Lamb's Pride Worsted to represent Lolita's, well, her virginity (o.k., her cherry, there, I said it).

I had never done bobbles before, and am so glad I tried, because they are so much fun to knit and the possibilities are endless. I'm thinking maybe knit knipples on a sweater? Naughty! And my new Embellish Knitter from JoAnn's made all those yards of i-cord bearable. Cranked 'em out in under an hour! Good thing, too, because the assembly of all those small pieces was a nightmare; I abhor seaming!

Off to watch more Season 3 of Nip/Tuck (another guilty pleasure). No internet tomorrow, so I'll be "forced" to go on a picnic/bike ride to the Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary with The Man. Enjoy your holiday!

Edited 9/6/06 to add: For those interested, here is the pattern for the Pig Potholders, courtesy of the Frugal Knitting Haus, and the Cherry Pie pattern is here, at PieKnits by Jennifer Tallapaneni. Many thanks to both!


  1. (*)(*) hUmBErT! hUMbERt!

    * CHerRy piE!



  2. Funny...just took a closer look at the location of your photo... Sly Miss V... you took it in my store!

    It has taken seven years to convince the transient population that we are no longer a sex shop...

    and now

    everyone that is anyone will be a-wantin' and a-wearin' these lovely ensembles on the plaza

    drumming, playing hacky sack, doing cartwheels, dancing... I dont know where they will put the weed they're-a-sellin'

    OOoohHhhh! bad, ugly thought!

    are you ready for the fame? the fortune? to stop buying blackberry-nuggets on the plaza?

    I like how you roll

  3. you crack me up crazy lady! the cherry squishing out looks like bush hanging out a bit. oops. i said push. and i say this to a girl who knitted a cherry pie thong. you bad bad monkey!

  4. yeah, rebecca, i thought you'd recognize that spot! what, did you think i was gonna freakin' model that?!? thanks (in absentia) for the mannequin-loan. & don't you think the pearls were a nice touch?

    natasha, that's perfect, that's exactly what I thought the cherry squishing out looked like! huh, huh, you said "bush,"!

    glad you two are amused.
    xo bad bad monkey girl

  5. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Helloooo... y'know what time it is? Yep, it's meme time... and you've been tagged!

    Have fun! ;)

  6. it's a pain, jono, but i did it. thanks for thinking of me! xo v


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