Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stash Pr0n Pride!

Some of you might remember that I recently wrote about my stash, my pride in my stash, and my efforts to catalogue my stash. And just today I was reading over at the Knitty Board about stash lust/guilt/pride again. Well, zee catalogue, she is finis! For your wonderment, here she is, my yarn stash:

And that's just my yarn. I also have a fiber stash waiting to be spun into more yarn for my yarn stash. This photo shows most of it, but there are several large boxes containing fleeces waiting to be washed that lurk in other corners of my fiber pr0n room. Between both stashes, I am definitely SABLE (Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy).

So, although I'm a few months late, consider my stash flashed. Want to drool more? View others' stashes: Flash Your Stash 2006, The Yarnographers Forum, and Yarn Addicts Unite! are good places to start. (Many thanks to Zibbiboisgood, Katydid Knits, The City of Crochet, and Clothesknit for their buttons, their stashes, and their goodwill. And thanks to Fintan Darragh and his Flickr Bits for the 'Get Set' API to create my stash collage).


  1. dude! holy snikies. jesus h christ. man. jebus. and a lot lot lot of that is fiber. i think you have more fiber than i have and i SELL yarn. and that is why i love you. smoooooooch!

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Wow, too much fiber for me! :)

  3. n, that is so weird. i posted a response comment to you yesterday, and it has mysteriously vanished into the blogger ether. crazy.

    my only regret about my fiber stash is that i did a crappy job of record-keeping, and for about 3/4 of it, all i know definitively about it is "wool". damn! makes it a lot harder to figure out what i like working with when i don't know what it is! doh!


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