Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cancer Free! and Shopping Spree!

Back to the gyno today for test results, and I'm happy (ohsohappy!) to report that I do not have cervical cancer! Abnormal paps SUCK. But I've got a 6-month reprieve from that scare.

So how did I celebrate? You know. I SHOPPED (gotta do my part against terrorism, right?). And boy, did I. Headed straight to my LYS, I did. Got myself this sock monkey lunchbox to carry my current knitting project to our SnB Purl 'n Hurl this Thursday.

I also bought this fabric for she-who-shall- remain-nameless as a last-minute addition to her goody box. The background is much greener than it looks like in the pic, a pistachio green you might say; I just have such a time getting colors to look natural in my photos, dammit! Picked up the cutest chicken tape measure that poops an egg where the tape comes out, too; that's the very last item to go in her box, though, I swear! I just can't stop myself from picking up the things I just now she'll fall in love with. Baaaad Velma.

I bought some fabric for me, too: these lovelies are for the Velma Bag by Amy Butler. Saved the $12 for the pattern when I ran into my friend Essence of Yotl Designs; she's going to lend me her copy (I know, I know, I'm cheating Ms. Butler out of her $$, but I already spent too much; she'll just have to get over it). She's going to bring her sewing machines over to my place so we can have a sew-in. I've still got to get one of my own... Soon, soon. (Dad? Christmas?)

What else? Oh, yeah, I got 4 new sets of Addi Turbos; 2 pair for Tempting and 2 for Simple Knit Bodice. And 2 $5 grab bags of miscellaneous fabric and lace scraps, with about $200 worth of goodies in 'em. And another skein of black Cascade 220, and some Manos del Uruguay in Moss to make a hat for my friend Jeff. AND these two books, on sale no less because the jackets were sun-damaged. Been meaning to pick them both up both classics, and a faded cover won't affect reading 'em at all.

So I'm going to take my cancer-free hooha, plunk myself down on the couch, and work on the Pig's Ass potholders while watching my new fave TV show, Eureka. The deadline for the Lolita KAL is fast approaching, and I've got another trick up my sleeve for my project, just you wait. Ta!

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  1. CoNGrAts! on the cancer-free-cutie!
    as if you needed a shopping excuse
    I have seen you in action
    all who know you have seen you in action
    anyone that has ever seen you...

    has seen you in action

    A definite reason to celebrate!

    I usually celebrate with shoes and very expensive lipstick
    what can I say...

    I roll that way...

  2. thanks, red. with my arthritic knees, bad back, and eczematic skin, shoes and good lipstick are out of favor in velma's worlds these days. damn. but i always put a good spin on things! xo v
    ps check out the comment from yesterday's post...

  3. Yay, no cancer! Wahoo!!!

    I'm just visiting from the SpinKnitties ring, so I hereby grant you permission to somehow acquire pounds of fiber in celebration of false positives, OK?

  4. thanks enallagma9! i visited your blog, and left a couple of comments. i love it! and as for my lbs. of fiber permission, ohmigawd, have you *seen* my stash??? there's a picture HERE, but it doesn't show the 5 or 6 boxes of whole fleeces i need to wash and dye!! come back soon! xo v

  5. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Hey Velma.
    Awsome!! That is wonderful news.
    Praise the Lord. I am so happy your test results came back normal.
    God Bless You.


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