Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Update

Busy, BUSY weekend! The 2nd Annual 100 Holes of Humboldt Disc Golf Tournament, TD'ed by none other than my Cole, went off without a hitch. Started w/ 19 players (down from 30ish in '05), with 14 finishers. That's no mean feat, either; 54 holes on Saturday and 46 on Sunday, playing a total of 6 courses in temps ranging from mid-40s to mid-90s. Note the sweaty, Sunday lunch-break faces above; those are some dog-tired duffers.

Knitting Updates

The yarn I bought from the Knitswap Yahoo! group I belong to arrived Friday. It is for the Tempting sweater I'm knitting, belatedly, for the Sexy Knitters Club KAL. I'm using the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran called for in the pattern (sorry, Natasha, no creativity here!) but in an elegant eggplant color. It's merino/microfiber/cashmere blend is tactily the most pleasing you could imagine, and I daresay it will be a pleasure to knit up. Swatching soon.

Finished knitting up the main bag portion of Bobbles, Bobbles, Everywhere bag for the Noni KAL. Love, love, LOVE working with the Cascade 220! So soft and springy. I read here that the yarn quantities called for in the pattern are really close, and she is so right. I had to frog a row and cast on earlier in order to have enough of the main bag color, as the 3 skeins called for in the pattern put me short; loose knitters and embelishers, beware! (That would be knitters who knit in a loose gauge, not knitters who get around). Next up: start the bobbles.

Also just about finished the 2nd sleeve on the Central Park Hoodie; should be able to seam the shoulders in the next day or 2.


  1. congrats on the clean papster, my dear!

    and i feel like an asshole now for making the comment on using the yarn from the pattern. i know you are joking, i just meant that most people don't even use a different color. they do it exactly as is. which is odd. isn't it?

  2. ohmigawd, don't you EVEN feel bad about that, dork! i wouldn't even mention it if i thought it'd bum you out.

    i actually have a theory about why people do that, me included; i have a hard time visualizing something in another color/yarn/fabric, have ever since i was a kid. when my mom & i would go to the fabric store when i was growing up, she would get exasperated w/ me because every time she'd point out a pattern she thought i'd like or look good in, i'd say i didn't like the fabric or i didn't like the color (in the picture). she couldn't understand why i couldn't just imagine it in something else! maybe this is similar. plus, using the same yarn eliminates most of the worries about gauge, drape, etc.

    that said, i'm trying to teach myself a new way to look at projects, and knitting in general. one in which i challenge myself to experiment more and try things that may or may not pan out in the end product. hopefully my upcoming lolita project will hit that mark. looking forward to hear what you have to say on it. xo v


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