Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stash Pride!

I found this cool Flickr app at Fintan Darragh's website (how great a name is that?). It makes a nice little widget that puts a Flickr set in a blog post, like this. I likee. Thanks, Fintan!

I chose this set, my Stash Pride set at Flickr, because I want to be a part of the Stash Pride! movement created by Amanda at Clothesknit. Here are her

"Reasons to Embrace Your Stash":
  • There is no guilt in buying yarn.
  • Remember that your stash also makes good insulation.
  • Yarn adds color to our everyday lives. The more stash, the more color.
  • Yarn is cheaper than therapy.
  • Moderate acquisition of stash helps ward off splurges and binges.
  • Stash acquisition helps support a dyeing/dying economy.
  • Supports and promotes cottage industries.
  • Yarn is better for the body than chocolate and won’t stay on your hips.
  • A well displayed stash can also function as art around your home.
  • Stash is like a scrapbook. Each skein has a memory tied to it.
  • Proud to be a knitter? Be proud of your stash — it is a knitter’s essence.
  • Be proud of your stash since you’ve worked hard to accumulate all those skeins.
  • Yarn is beautiful and should be cherished — just ask a spinner!
  • Because you CAN!

Thanks, Amanda! And this is by NO means my entire yarn stash; not at all. It will take awhile to get it all photographed, cataloged, and uploaded, so check back in for more.


  1. I like your attitude. My stash is hidden in my closet, which means I have no room for clothes or shoes... You have some beautiful stuff!

  2. thanks teabird! i tend *not* to hide much about my personality ;)

    i'm a wee bit emarrassed to admit just how much i have, tho. wait til this little catologuing project is over...

  3. oooh i love flickr aps. that url didnt work though :-(

  4. luka, thanks for the props and the heads up about the broken link. all fixed now, go flickr! xo v


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