Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where Did She Go?

This was my life last week while I was nowhere to be found. My annual trek into the wilderness to sit, sun, and savor with a group of tried-and-true friends. Here I am, looking lovely in the meadow as I sit and knit. Took the cabled hoodie with me to work on, and completed the back, which I am finishing here. I'll put up a picture soon (forgot to take one of it while in the meadow.

As every year, this year's trip was stellar. It's about a 4mile pack in to the lovely meadow you see behind me, and this year I got to go in early; 9 days, whee! We play disc golf while we're there, between swilling beer and napping. I uploaded photos to flickr today, so check 'em out.

I'm crazed catching up with email, laundry, news, etc. so no big post about the trip today, but I promise more to come soon. Be patient, my pretties. xoxo



  1. i am sooooo rude! i have been really sick and really busy and wanted to properly thank you...your package ROCKED my hubby took the mustard and ate it at work on veggies and looooooooved it. the raspberry jam rocked my world, and my hubby who thought he didn't like raspberry jam ate it on graham crackers and was won over. the bbq sauce has not had the occasion to be opened, but we are bbq fans, so i am eager. i am looking forward to the time to spin the fiber. that said, i owe ya. so email me your addy, i am not sure what i did with the box and you will have some nice things coming your way from our neck of the woods. maybe. have fun in the boonies.

  2. oh, sweetie, no worries. i *know* busy. i'm just glad the goodies found you and brightened your (& hubbie's) day. xo v


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