Friday, July 21, 2006

Lest You Think I Didn't Do It

For doubters (Rebecca-bo-beka), I give you this Kodak moment, proving I did spend the last week-and-a-half encamped in my favorite Wilderness Area. That is indeed the Velmanator on that rock, gimpy knees and all. Note the effort required to hoist both myself and all the crap I've carted in; also note that this is my EMPTY pack, what's left to hike out after all the food and booze has been consumed. 9 days in the wilderness requires, when done correctly, a tremendous amount of gear and alcohol. For some crazy reason, I decided I needed to create a list of all the paraphernalia I deemed essential to this trek. My purpose at the time I compiled it was twofold: allowing the obsessive-compulsive aspect of my personality to run free, and to give an idea to readers what a ridiculous mountain of STUFF I schlepped in on my back. To whit:


On My Person:
On or In My Lowe Pack:

(That's me on the right, in the loud(er) dress + my friend Michelle + the Chicken).

Whew! So although my pack weighed in somewhere in the "Oh-shit-I-can't-lift-it" 75lb. range, I must confess that I didn't actuallymake it all the way in to the final destination with all this stuff; Cole actually had time to drop off his (1oolb.+) pack in camp, run up the trail to meet me, and hike MY pack the rest of the way in (I was about 2/3 of the way when he caught me) before I set foot in camp. Note also that there is virtually NO food whatsoever in my pack; he carried almost all of it, plus much of the gear. What a stud! And he managed to find me another heart-shaped rock for the collection he's amassing me. Not just a stud, but a sweetie too!! AND he went for a food & beer re-supply halfway through the week, carrying empties out with him. He rocks my world. How'd I get so lucky?



  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    holy crap!

  2. JEEZUS Velma!
    its a wonder you could move under the weight of all that "necessary" stuff!

    I'm a wuss and no pack animal

    I refuse to carry my food on my back

    God! Get thee to a Hilton, and fast!

  3. Call 1-800-IMA-STUD!


  4. You rock Velma! I'd have packed as much... next time I get down that way I'd love to hang. I'll buy the beer!

  5. YP!! So good to see you here! I rock? No, you rock!! Yesyes, come visit, bring beer and we'll rock Arcata together.

    How's your biz sale? Any takers? Kisses, v

  6. Brave girl! I am not sure that I could do it especially with dodgy knees.

    I guess there is always the argument as to whether such exercise strains the knees or strengthens them? Who knows.

    If it's fun, keep doing it!

    Good luck!

    Knee Brace Site


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