Friday, July 07, 2006

Charkas for Africa

I mentioned in an earlier post that Reenie and Angela at Material Whirled are coordinating a fundraiser for Charkas for Africa, Therese's project to bring spinning charkas to women in Segou, Mali. Well, as a perennial procrastinator, I am finally getting my donation and its pertinents together today, which is (not coincidentally) the deadline for submissions. I'm contributing handspun and a handknit hat. Nothing fancy this round, but at least it is something. What do you think?

Make sure that you go to Material Whirled and support this cause. Tell 'em Velma sent you.



  1. You really should link to these guys.

    Oh...and, Hi from Rosebamma!

  2. done! and did you see i linked to you, too? miss you. oh, and congrats on the impending nuptials. how'd you find such a beautiful woman with such obviously low standards?!? heheh, kidding. can i come up for the festivities? xoxo v


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