Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 69th Birthday, Dad!!

I think that's you on the left. Wish I could be there with you and everyone, but I know they will whoop it up with you in my absence. Did you know that today is also International Joke Day? Oh, yes it is. In keeping with that, and knowing how much you love crummy jokes, I offer you these birthday riddles:
Q: What does every happy birthday end with?
A: The letter 'Y'!

Q: What goes up but does not come down?
A: Your age!

Q: Why couldn't John go to Joey's birthday party?
A: The invitation said 4 to 6 and he was 7.

Q: Which burns longer, a blue birthday candle or a pink one?
A: Neither, they both burn shorter.

Q: What should you bake for your goldfish's birthday?
A: Fishcakes!
They're bad, I know. But I bet you laughed milk out your nose, didn't you? Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dad, I love you bunches.


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