Friday, June 30, 2006

Ukraine, Ukrumbled

My underdog team Ukraine, making their virgin appearance in the World Cup, went down 0-3 today to the highly favored Italian team. So sad. I usually root for the long shot, but I also had the pleasure of working with a bunch of Ukrainians when I worked at Internews a few years ago. Lets just say that they know how to have a damn good time with a bottle of vodka or three. That experience made me a fan for life, hence my loyalty. Now that they are out, and we are out, those hot, contro-versial Italians are looking good to me in the semifinals, although the Germans are going to be worthy adversaries what with their home-field advantage.

Big sports weekend at the Velma-Cole household. More World Cup quarter finals (matches 59 and 60) on Saturday, but even more anxiously awaited in these parts is tomorrow's start of the 93rd Tour de France. But some fans (read: Cole) are sorely disapointed about the breaking doping story; he's convinced that the coverage will be of the "all-drug-scandal-all-the-time" variety, but I'm thinking that with 4 top riders ousted, that just leaves it wide open for one of the underdogs to go all the way. Time will tell. Good thing we're not into tennis; with it also being Wimbledon this weekend, we'd never get out on the links for some friendly frolf.

What else... Oh, yeah, I got my pretty baubles in the mail today! Wanna see? Lookee here.

Purty, huh?



  1. miss v

    craptastic weather once again... hope that you stll venture out...youre not really chained to your computer are you?

    found a hat for you to make...oh, and a sweater

  2. hey sweetie~
    craptastic it is. bleh. yes, at computer, i'm obsessed. thanks for the links; both patterns are on my hardrive.
    xoxo v

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Hey Hon,
    How'v you been? Played any disc golf lately? Your WDGA welcome package will be mailed out this week. I like the pretty baubles. Stay sweet and stay in touch.
    Your friend,

  4. HI-C~!
    Thanks and thanks. Yeah, didn't you read about all my d-g activity in the woods? Check out my later posts. Will look for the pkg. in the mail. xoxo v


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