Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hats, and Fish, and Cole - Oh, My!

Whoot! Whoot! I love hats! Check out the 2006 Alice Springs Beanie Festival, in Australia, where the beanie is promoted as a regional art form. Sure, lots of them are crocheted, which I can't really do. But how creative, how over-the-top! Yummy. Makes me want to decipher the Happy Hooker book I bought on crocheting. This is one of my faves. (Thanks to Knitter's Review for the link and Sarah Hill for her hat).

How about this fish! My friend Fred and his wife Mai, who are dive guides in Ketchikan, Alaska (yes, dive guides, burly, no?), they caught this whopping halibut recently and were kind enough to send me this pic. They own Snorkel Alaska, a guideservice taking cruise ship passengers docking in Ketchikan on an underwater tour of the Inside Passage. Brrr! Fred swears it isn't as cold as it sounds, but I'm not buying it. Fred, send me a pink hat!!

Done spinning up the first bobbin of the blue and green superwash. 226 yds., ~6-8 wraps/inch. What do you think? I still have no idea how to objectively evaluate my handspun.

And lastly, I caught this Kodak moment yesterday, as Cole dutifully buzzed the lawn. I snapped a couple, and this was his favorite. Meet the Man! (There's a smile beneath the tongue, really).



  1. Blog, blog, blog.

  2. hi, cheryl! very clever, you sassy lassy.
    xoxo, v

  3. holy crap! that fish is freaking insane! i don't know if i have ever seen a fish so big. i guess you know what they will be eating for the next year, huh?

    the handspun looks so even! mine isn't the least bit even. i don't care, but still.

  4. heehee. i can do even, i just can't do coils. or beehives. or plying. or sequins. bleh. even-schmeven. (i mean thank you, sweetie). i should be such a good spinner as you. xo v


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