Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Virtual hugs & an update

Virtual hugs & an update
I am completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of positivity from the readers of V-World! There really no words other than 'thank you.'

I'm heading out early (read: in the dark) this Thursday morning, the 10th, for a 4-day backpacking trip into the Siskiyou Wilderness in extreme Northern California, just shy of the Oregon border. For those several readers who know the area, I'm going to the next watershed over from Devil's Punchbowl. Lest you think that I'll be completely roughing it, it's just a 4.5 mile in hike along an old mining road that winds down into one of the most beautiful meadows around. Such a short hike, even for my defective ol' knees, warrants schlepping a few comforts from home, including a lawn chair and a fair amount of liquid libation of the adult persuasion.

Going on it's 16th? 17th? year, this annual full-moon foray into the wilds to Young's Meadow is an annual trek I've undertaken 4 previous years with a more-or-less stable (in membership, not in mentality) motley group of friends, ostensibly united by the fever of chasing plastic. Frisbees, that is. Yes, otherwise rational, employable and upstanding adults waltz into the woods every summer for a debauched tournament of Disc (aka Frisbee) Golf. Good times are always had by all.

So, don't be dismayed when you don't hear from me for the next week; I haven't gone AWOL again, I'm just frolicking.

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  1. How was your trip to the Devil's Punchbowl? It's my favorite place on Earth... and searching for it on Google (incidentally) led me to your blog.

    Nice to see someone from the North Coast again.


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