Thursday, July 03, 2003


Oh, thanks all you lovelies, for your generous words of kindness and support. You do a girl's heart waaay good when she needs it the most. I had no idea what a community the knitbloggers are, and that I would be missed so. I am touched.

Please be patient with me in the coming weeks (and possibly months), as I "knit" my life back together. For financial reasons, I've had to downgrade from a cable internet connection (wheee!) to a reg'lar ol' dialup one (booo!), so things 'round here will be a tad slow. I've yet to transfer images to my new ISP, so don't be surprised if images disappear. And I no longer have access to a digital camera, so I can't promise any new images any time soon, at least none from my own hands. I'll just have to become adept at 'borrowing' from others' sites.

And as for all the helpful suggestions (eg. to get my message across to those what done me wrong, well, I certainly appreciate the lively, creative ideas; I think for now, though, that I'll stick to maintaining those bridges, just in case I might ever need to retreat back over one. All the soul-searching I've been 'indulging' in these past weeks brings me to an inevitable conclusion: I am responsible for where I find myself, and I'm responsible for getting on with gettin' on, too.

Lastly, on the knitting front, I'm pleased to announce that I've finally found motivation to pick my needles back up, and although I didn't accomplish my goal of completing the BNS Tax Shell-ter to wear tomorrow for the 4th, it is coming along nicely. I can also report that the 'Funny' yarn boob stripe is looking FABOO. Can't wait to show it off.

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