Friday, August 22, 2003


Awright, Awright! You got me. I've been a bad girl again, haven't I? Well, in my defense, it's not because I don't love y'all, it's because I've been having such a great time living my summer I haven't had time or inclination much to write about it!! Sue me. (Not really, please don't).

Yes, backpacking in the Siskiyous was fantastic. Forty debauch-ees this year, much beer and other booze swilled, many full moons flashed, happy happy joy joy. Since then? Let's see...

My trip to Portland and environs to visit the Momster and my schwessie was a success, despite a surprise 4 a.m. bus-switch at the Greyhound station in Newport, OR. While in P-town, I checked out the OMSI Imax Theater presentation of Pulse by the percussion dance performers Stomp! -- I highly recommend.

My fifth year attending Reggae on the River (the 20th annniversary here in my own Humboldt County) was a smashing success, too. I volunteer each year with the Hilltop Security crew, for those that care. Our job? Keep gate-crashers from busting over the hill top behind the venue bowl (hence our moniker). The beauty is, our post has a hammock hanging from a tree above the bowl, from which I can perform my security task AND watch the performers. Ah, what a life. Although the entire four days was memorable, a couple of things stand out. Michael Franti and his band Spearhead were camped next to us, rather than showing up just before their show Friday night and leaving after. What a sweetheart he is! He and his webmaster Matt (?) came by for a visit and met everyone in our crew and I'd like to say that his stage persona matches his in-person person to a T; what a kind, open generous soul. (And what a hottie!) The after-hours show of The Yard Dogs Road Show and their burlesque review/hobo jug band/vaudeville sideshow was stupendous and included a sword swallower. See 'em if you can. And the public reuniting of David Lindley and his band El Rayo-X, playing together for the first time in 13 years, was everything I'd hoped it would be. Oh, and there was lots of great reggae music, too.

Coming up on the horizon for me in September are a trip to Rosarito, Mexico; 2 weddings; a quick trip to Orr Hot Springs in Ukiah, CA; and possibly (probably) another trip to Portland, this time to attend my first juggling festival.

Knitting? Oh, yeah, I've been knitting again. Made a Noro birthday beanie for my new boy George (yes, someone has already stolen Velma's heart. More later.). Worked on the Genius Scarf a bit, too. But no photo evidence yet as: a) no digicam now; and b) can't figure out how to upload to the new ftp server! Doh! Soon, my pretties, soon. Also, the Tax Shell-ter is -- gasp! -- almost complete!! Only about 4-5 more rows, then finishing, then voila!, I have my first knit top! On tap next is a re-start of the Top Secret sweater (I think, unless something else catches my fancy).

So (again), apologies for the lack of posts here. Will redouble my efforts (again) at more timely missives. Please be patient (again) with me. Ciao!

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