Friday, May 09, 2003

Today VWorld is a SmorgasBlog

from Anne, purveyors of chi chi chickie retro must-haves:

"Enjoy money while you have it. Shrouds don't have pockets."

     — Virginia Esberg's grandmother

More Anti-Drudgery Links from Faithful, Generous Readers: from BrainyLady Alison, check out the Extreme Ironing Bureau, whose motto is: "Taking Ironing to the Edge" -- they claim extreme ironing is "the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt." Hat tip Alison! -- hers is one of my new fave blogs, BTW. And from Stella Knits' Stella, a suggestion that I try freezer paper; although she doesn't suggest what to do with said resource, I've heard it makes a great quilting applique medium. (Who knows what she thought I should do with baking soda, the Everyday Miracle™)

Thinking lots about Burning Man; don't know why, just am. Always wanted to go. All my friends think it's either a) passé or b) too hot/cold/dry/muddy/windy/dusty/expensive. Feh. I need new friends. This year's art theme: Beyond Belief. From what I've heard, that pretty much sums up the whole BM experience to a T. The entire concept is very 'Velma' -- they even have shoe art! The BM website offers a taste of what 'Beyond Belief' refers to:

"What is any religion? A little ritual, a little superstition, and some magic. It's not a strictly spiritual affair; it has psychological roles to fulfill. You might not want it to be a religion based on your own experience but that's like wanting to clean up your dreams."

     — Gary Snyder

Rob Brezny put it another way, during a 2001 BM performance "Vows for a Wedding to Yourself":
"I will never forsake you."
"I will never betray you."
"I will forgive you for your imperfections and praise you for your beauty."
"I will always treat you with reverence and respect."
"I will love you until the end of time."
"I will do with you what the spring does to the cherry trees."

Speaking of Spiritual...For a hilarious read, go here. This Village Voice piece is a pastiche of feminist-travel-terrorism humor. And it's about dildos, but not either one of these (which I wantwantwant!). Also funny, Dave Barry's blog rules. He offers this post on parenthood (but I like it 'cuz it's about shoes!):

"The woman sitting next to me on the plane from Charleston to Atlanta told me she had a 2-year-old son whose obsession is getting shoes -- anybody's shoes -- and taking them into the bathroom, and filling them with water. 'That's all he ever wants to do,' she said."

     — posted by Dave 9:40 AM 2May2003

And last, for a little knitting something... Stefanie at Glympyre had super-cool custy labels made with her name on 'em, to sew into her ultra-stylie knitted garments. Tres cool.

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