Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hey, Remember Me?
After some domestic turmoil, which has been nicely resolved to everyone's satisfaction, and following the termination of my employment, I am back! Thanks to all the sweet readers who inquired about my hiatus & my health; everything is better than o.k. now. I've been given some good news: looks like I'll be spending the summer lying on the beach, working on my tan, catching up on my knitting and reading, sipping chilled martinis -- all courtesy of my former employer, who did me a favor by letting me go.


Betcha you were wondering if I was gonna come through with one this week, huh? Well, I've drug out my gin-soaked notes from Tuesday night, I've drunk enough coffee to work myself into a libelous lather, so here we GO!
We had a bit of a better turnout this week, what with my not-so-subtle threats & reminders. But we still don't have a quorum.

Be Famous! Come to Purl & Hurl next week, and you can be a part of Liz's Survivor audition video!!

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