Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Late Bloomer

I am a Goddess-send

So I'm a little slow. But I can learn. Last night I discovered -- Spray Starch! Although it might have been a little easier if I'd had an ironing board to work with, instead of a towel on the floor. But what a difference a little artificial stiffener makes (snide smirk, huh huh huh). Now my favoritist white shirt is even better, and will look oh-so-good with my new eBay purse and Hot Topic shoes. I'm CRISP! I'm CLEAN! I'm CRISP! Flashback to adolescence, when Mom paid me 25¢ a piece to iron Dad's dress shirts. Would that she'd clued me in to starch, aka class-in-a-can, doh! Next: a garment steamer. Send $$ now. ;) But really, my friend Cheryl told me the secret over 6 months ago, when we were running around a conference in Washington, DC, and despite the long hours, unbearable humidity, and the presence of a sniper, she always looked so fresh and, well, perky. I gotta start listening to people!

And just so I can feel like I did my job here, and gave you a useful and/or amusing link, check out this description of how to get a semi-permanent crease into your favorite garment. Let me just say this: it involves the US Army, fishing line and a cigarette lighter. Enjoy!

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