Tuesday, April 22, 2003

No. Progress. Whatsoever.

None. Nada. Nyet. I haven't picked up the Tax Shell-ter since yesterday. Tonight was Purl & Hurl, and I had maybe one more martini than was absolutely necessary, and couldn't really devote the attention to detail needed for the Shell-ter. That requires some concentration. I'm ready to do the bind-off for the armhole decreases, but that can wait 'til tomorrow. Instead, I broke out the Genius Scarf, for a little mindless stitching. It looks beautiful. Now that I've run out of the Prism yarn I started with, I'm tacking on lengths of coordinating yarn, and today Diane at my LYS called to say they'd gotten in something ideal. She's right; the Asti Charles is perfection. Just lovely.

Since I didn't have a photo to share of my knitting, I offer this, which sums up my attitude succinctly, these days. Cheers!

That's what I'm talking about!

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