Thursday, April 24, 2003

Day Late & a Dollar Short -- Did you miss me?

Yes, yes, I know, I promised I'd be diligent about writing post-Purl & Hurl recaps on Wednesdays, and yes, this would be Thursday, you are not mistaken. But. Just couldn't do it yesterday. Could not. So sue me. Think Carly Simon's "Anticipation," not Leonard Cohen's "Waiting for the Miracle." Here you go.

Random knitting graphic to get us started:

Flossy Frills, ooh la la!

Yet another small (read: intimate) gathering of knitters this week. Tamara made a cameo appearance to flaunt her tickets to the Ira Glass performance at Humboldt State University's Van Duzer Theater. No, she actually stopped by to say hello and wish us bon tricot on her way to a pre-Ira dinner at Tomo. She and her beau Michael were indeed headed there to see Mister Glass of This American Life fame -- Velma expressed her envy appropriately (ie. she pouted).

Our other brief visitor was John, who dropped in en route to Mikkel's, where he was meeting Audi and others for her fajitas feed. It was nice having the dude-to-chick ration more even than usual; thanks John. He has also brought a great idea to the table -- he is organizing a "Touch Therapy" group to offer massage services each week to Eileen, our mother-to-be. Locals, you know how to reach him.

That left Heather, Cheri, Jay, Eileen and Velma to knit and gossip. Cheri brought along a sweet hat she's making out of two shades of purple chenille, but chose to work on her baby blanket instead. Eileen is out of the ribbing and into the body of her Tax Shell-ter for the Knit-along at Monkeyknits, but isn't really loving her yarn; she's planning on ripping out and starting anew with some neutral linen yarn she's got her eye on. Heather & Jay both continued work on their respective scarves -- completely different but alike in their loveliness. Velma brought her version of the Tax Shell-ter, but due to her martini consumption, thought it wise to work on the Genius Scarf instead.

That about brings us to a close for this week's Purl & Hurl gathering. Velma did receive a note from Simone, promising to attend next week. Come one, come all, I say, 'cuz I suspect the turnout will be low the week after; that'd be May 6, and V and Eileen will be at the Greg Brown show, so you'll have to carry on without them that night. So until next week, here are some links to keep you busy.

Free plugs for my friends' noteworthy events this weekend:
It will be a homecoming weekend of sorts, as old pals Grossman, Vinnie & Rick travel from points north & south with their significant others Cordy, Kris/Calvin & Raughley for dirty martinis at The Alibi Friday night and Tom's 3rd Somewhat-Annual Tsunami Day Party on Saturday the 23rd. Bring a cup, 'cuz the beer will be flowin'.

The Third Annual Juggling & Unicycle Festival will be held Fri-Sun April 25-27 at the new Arcata Community Center - come celebrate with my workshop-leading friends Audi, Thomas, Maura et al. for this fun fundraiser for the Vagabond Children's Theater. Read more about it here.

This weekend is also the 8th Annual HSU Arts & Music Festival and Renewable Energy Fair, run by my friend Robin. Highlights include keynote speaker Dr. Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange, demonstrations of hydrogen fuel cell technology at the Schatz Energy Research Lab, and music by The Coup, Kulica and the Humboldt Calypso Band. Saturday is also slated to be the only dry day of the week here in damp & drizzly Humboldt, but come prepared with an umbrella anyway, and don't forget your $3 cover charge & a can of food for the Arcata Food Endeavor.

Last but definitely not least, check out the Hubby's new photo site, River at Fotolog. His photographs are stunning interpretations of the natural world where he lives along the Trinity River in Northern California. I might be biased, but the judge at last year's Northwest Eye Regional Fine Arts & Photography Competition wasn't: Hubby's 3 Frogs photo, aka Menage a Frog, was selected for the juried exhibit!

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