Monday, April 21, 2003

Arcata in the News

67 women form giant peace symbol in Trinidad, CA

Arcata City Council: always political, always controversial always entertaining. Arcata is now the first city in the nation to pass an ordinance outlawing voluntary compliance with the Patriot Act. Read about it in today's Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and our local Times-Standard. Council member David Meserve, who ran for office with the campaign slogan "The Federal Government Has Gone Stark, Raving Mad," drafted and introduced the ordinance, which passed by a 4 to 1 majority. Meserve calls the new law a "nonviolent, preemptive attack," which fines City officials $57 for not forwarding requests for information to the City Manager, Dan Hauser.

Want more:
If you are interested in learning more about what rights you will no longer have if the proposed Patriot II passes, the ACLU report is a good source. See how your Representatives voted on Patriot I. Voice your opinion and email your representative. Contact the Idaho Green Party to learn about the Paul Revere Project to stop the Patriot II before it passes. And check out the amazing women at Baring Witness, who inspired the picture above.

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