Friday, April 18, 2003

Misc. Bits

How big is it? There's a looong cala lily stem for scale. Looks like the Tax Shell-ter might be a tad on the too-big-for-Velma-even-though-she-drinks-too-much-beer-and-can't-control-her-ever-growing-gut side.

Tax Shell-ter Maxima

This progress was achieved last night. Cast-on: check! Ribbed edging: check! Stockinette bottom: check! On the horizon is the first decrease sequence. Plugging right along. Having some difficulty accustoming myself to the tension issues associated with the cotton yarn, particularly on purl rows. Blech. Give me knit-in-the-round any day. I fly when I'm garter-stitching; but purls, not so much.

On other fronts

Check out some of the Friends of Velma's World links I've added to the 'Links I Like Today' sidebar:

Mikkel eye teapot

JocelynSport of Kings and Queens

Modbuster geetar

My friend Mikkel makes outrageous & useful objets d'art. Teapots with eyestalks, butter dishes with legs, vases and jars waving at each other -- expect the unexpected.

Tired of reading exclusively about knitting? Head over to my friend Jocelyn's blog. She thinks she's Björk, and she may be right!

Not into unusual pottery or Björk? Love horse racing and breeding? Visit Turfside: Sport of Kings and Queens, the site created and maintained by my co-worker Lorraine. Turfside specializes in Out of Print and Used books, magazines and other horse-related ephemera.

Last but emphatically not least: for groovy photos, point your browser to my friend Marshall's site, Modbuster. His found art puts miles of smiles on my face.

That's all for now. Friday night, gotta get outta the house, baby!

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