Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Hidey, Ho Knit Kneighbors...

It must be humpday, 'cuz Velma's writing a Purl & Hurl Re-Cap! Happy Wednesday, all.

Another smallish (9) turnout, what with Kat home recouping from her surgery last Friday (which went swimmingly, thanksforasking) and Eileen on mando bedrest due to her 'delicate' condition. E & K, if you're home reading this: a hearty Purl & Hurl get-well hug going out to you! We missed ya.

Steve-O stood in as a Kat-surrogate - thanks for bringing more male energy to our group, and taking home lots o' gossip for Kat. Did you like Velma's wrench vs. socket wrench analogy to explain straight vs. circular needles? She still says that circs are a tool, not a crutch.

Jay was back with us after a lengthy stay in the field. Says he's in the market for one of those cheat-sheets that Cheri brought for show-and-tell a few weeks ago, the laminated one with the stitch diagrams. Claims that being stuck in a hotel room without an internet connection to download instructions when you forget how to knit is what kept him from working on his scarf recently. Velma says: Ooh, it must be tough, roughing it in a motel room for fieldwork! ;)

Anna finished her Gay Pride scarf, her very first knitting effort! Congrats to her for mastering the bind-off with aplomb, and preparing for her next project, which she says is going to be a tube-scarf-boa a la Kathleen's. Go Anna!

Cheri's baby blanket-cum-tutu (I swear she's working on an early birthday present for Velma) is looking great, and oh-so-soft. And speaking of birthdays, get ready, because Cheri's is right around the corner in early May.

Gwen was back, working on her Design Element Scarf and hoping that Chris would show so she'd get the tit-for-tat meal (what is tat? and how can I get some?) owed her. And Chris obliged, arriving late but bringing her usual high energy & hand spindle.

Tamara keeps plugging away on her scarf, and brought her friend Sunny, a long-time knitter who is working on a striped sweater and who amazed all present with her astounding ability to never once glance at her work. Look ma, no hands! (Or, in this case, no eyes).

Shag Scarf + Flamingo Lamp = Velma's World

And Velma sported her newly completed Shag Scarf, (above) which was oohed and aahed over as expected. She also thought she'd be casting on for her knitalong project, the Tax Shell-ter, but she was sadly mistaken. Wrong needles! Forgetting that she needed to cast on and do the edging in 5US not 7US like the bulk of the piece, she cast on about half her stitches before realizing her mistake and ripping out. So she switched to another WIP, the Barbie Headband, and kept on. And she's looking forward to another trip to her LYS to buy more needles.

Lastly, shame on Velma for forgetting each week to pull the camera out of her knitting bag, and take some shots of the knitting 'bags' at the table! What a lot of bag-babes they are, and we need to get 'em some face time. Next week, someone remind her that there's a reason she lugs that Nikon along.

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