Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Aw Crap

The Saga of the Tax Shell-ter (aka Boatneck Shell, aka BNS) begins. I was so proud of my swatch, which came out -- I thought -- spot on gauge-wise. What do I know, anyway? I've had my gauge issues in the past. This time was going to be different! So I made the beautiful swatch you see below, and trotted it over to my LYS to have it checked, and the lovely Lennie, proprietress of said LYS, tells me it is 5 and a half stitches to the inch, not the requisite 5 that I need, and that I thought I'd created. Count for yourself! She's right. So I swatch again with 7s, instead of 6s, and it looks great.

taxshell-ter swatch in sierra quatro 86

So, off I go to tonight's Stitch 'n Bitch, ready to cast on over cocktails. And I do. On the wrong needles! I forgot that I needed 2 sizes smaller for the edging. Doh! That would be 5s, which I don't own yet. So the lovely pink Cascade goes back into the knitbag, and out comes the 'Barbie' headband I'm working on, also pink. (You might have noticed, I'm rather enamoured of pink).

Back at the homestead, I worked on the Barbie headband, watched the toob, and thought of my knitalong brethren (sistren?) surging ahead of me, progressing on their Shell-ters, while mine languishes in the workbasket. Not to worry, though, I'll catch up. I'm obsessed. (Not as obsessed as Amanda, though, who couldn't wait that last four hours 'til it was the designated start-date, and cast on early ;)

But it gave me some time to take, download, format, upload & post (whew!) some overdue pictures of projects. The Shag Scarf (formerly known as the Let's Mambo! Scarf) is there, as is another headband (Animal, a la the Muppet) and a couple WIPs, too. Didn't like the way the Poodle Scarf looked on film, so you'll just have to wait for that photo.

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