Friday, April 16, 2010

I Even Read About Knitting

Last week Cole came home from his favorite thrift store with this 30 cent purchase in hand for me: The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs, saying "I hope you haven't read it yet!" He takes good care of me, no?

The first and ubiquitous knit-knovel: woman opens yarn store to support herself & her new baby, strong women come into their lives through the yarn store, life turns around for woman, happy ending for all. Or maybe not.

I have to agree with my friend BlondeChicken: I mostly read it because, as a knitter, I felt like I “should,” but I actually enjoyed it more than I expected. It could have used a good editing, but there were some “moments of real emotion” in it, as Tara said.

A quick & easy read, it would be the perfect vacay reading. Curious to see how the movies compares.


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Nice. Gonna check it for my upcomin' spring break. Girls gone wild! Or not...

  2. As a yarn shop owner, people ask me almost daily if I've read this book and all those blossom street things. At this point it's kind of a thing with me that I refuse to read them. haha
    I always ask, "Are there vampires or werewolves in it? No? Probably not gonna go there then" :) I probably will go to the movie if it ever comes out, and it'll probably make me cry.

  3. I read and enjoyed this book too. A nice easy read and I'm all about the easy! That was very sweet of Cole to pick it up for you.


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