Sunday, March 07, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 8 & 9

Oops! I missed my first CoB update - doh! Oh, well. That's because I've been crafting my ass off! This update will be a 2-fer: Week 8 (Feb22-28) AND Week 9 (Mar1-7).

Week 8:
  • and on the last day, during the Olympic closing ceremonies, I tried mosaic knitting for the first time, making a blanket square to donate to the Handmade Memories Haiti fundraiser - I forgot to blog about that, so here it is!

Week 9:
Mostly, I spent Week 9 DYEING! Except for the looooong post, Adventures in Dyeing Self-Striping Sock Yarn, I haven't blogged much this week, so I'll add pics here.

  • I dyed a pot of Coopworth locks, also from Homestead; here they are with the last batch, drying in the spring sun:
  • and I dyed a pot of Babydoll Southdown, Homestead wool again:

  • besides dyeing, I also pulled out the stole I was working on before Ravelympics, & I finished it! It's my In a Theater Darkly, Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn, #9 needles (all that's left is the blocking!):

A pretty damn good crafting fortnight, I'd say. What about you? Are you crafting or busting??

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  1. WOWser! You are one busy lady! The sheep wanted to thank you for the nice mention and for linking to their website! You are a peach and love the colors you dyed up- smooches from the sheep!


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