Wednesday, January 06, 2010

We're Not Homeless!

News! - 6/365 YIP

We just received the best possible news: Cole & I don't have to MOVE! Viva la status quo! Yep, our neighbor's offer to buy the house we rent was accepted by our current landlords and we are STAYIN'! 2010 is already better than 2009 ever was.

Been absolutely BUSTING since last night to talk about it, but had to wait 'til today when escrow started. Thanks to everybody that sent their good vibes our way here in the comments and on Twitter and Ravelry - you turned the tide our way! But now that I've spread the word on teh internets, it's time for more celebrating. Cheers!



  1. cool beans! I was thinking about you today but didn't want to add to your anxiety by bugging you... and what a cute picture of you two.


  2. halloweentango9:51 PM

    fabultastico!!! We were just wondering about this over dinner tonight. We are SO happy for you two!!!!!
    M & V

  3. Great news--CONGRATS!!

  4. yay :-) good news! I was rooting for you!

  5. That's great! Glad to hear you are settled and don't have to worry about moving. Moving is what Chris and Becky did, in October. They are now in Portland so I don't think I'll ever be attending Purl and Hurl again. Give my best wishes to everyone the next time you are all together.

  6. Hollah! Great great news, Velma!

  7. Best news ever! So happy for the 2 of you! P.S. Why for Cole doesn't have a party hat on? Lol ;)

  8. AWESOME! I'm so happy for you. I had a good feeling about it. YAY!

  9. Yay! Great news, I'm so happy for you that things turned out well.

    And nice hat.


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