Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Stash Will Make You HOT!

I got nominated for a Ravelry Bobby Award again this year: 'Most Colorful Stash'! The competition is STIFF (heh, I said "stiff" ). I think I found my people in the other 9 nominees. I just want to crawl into their yarn and roll around nekkid in it!

The 2009 Bobbys people asked for a picture and a description of my stash for the voting process. I spent some time this morning taking screenshots of my stash and Photoshopping them into the collage here, then discovered that they'd already done that! Great minds think alike, I guess.

But this is how it looks in my craft room (read: giant storage nightmare hole, aka The Bitch Cave). Floor to ceiling tubs o' YARN!!!

I used to organize by color, but found that didn't work that well for me. I switched awhile back to a fiber content organizational system: silk with silk, mohair with mohair, etc. It works much better.

As for describing my colorful stash I have one motto: "Color Can't Hurt You!" - same as my business motto for COLORBOMB Creations, my handspun art yarns & hand-dyed fibers shop on Etsy. I live in Humboldt County, California, where it is gray and rainy much of the year, & color is my antidote to the dark, colorless skies around me and the bland, earth tone clothing favored by my neighbors.

I had a friend in college say she could always find me anywhere on campus just by scanning the crowd for the person wearing the most colors together! And that was before I discovered knitting and the plethora of indie dyers out there! I can't tell you how many times since then I've had people compliment me on a hand-knit I'm wearing, declaring how much they love the lovely bright colors, only to say that they could never wear that color themself. I always take that as an opportunity to encourage people to be less afraid of color.

When shopping for yarn, I generally seek out the brightest colors I can find. The ones I refer to as "retina-burn" -- acid green, international orange, neon pink -- those are my absolute favorites! I came home from Sock Summit with a whole list of new and new-to-me dyers and colorways to add to my wish list. Can't wait 'til I win the lottery so I can amass even more color! I also spend a lot of time stalking the trade/sell pages on Ravelry. So, if you have any truly LOUD yarn you want to unload: think of me first, I’ll take it off your hands!

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  1. Congratulations! You so got it covred. No one else stands a chance. And LOVE that collage. I need to seriously up my tech skills to do stuff like this. It looks sooo good all together.


  2. I am drooling over your stash....wiping chin now....think of Homer Simpson .....aaaaahhhhaaaaaaahhh *drool*

  3. Probably not even close to the biggest "stash" in Humboldt County, but definitely the most colorful. Go Velma!

  4. Congrats on the Nom, Velma, AND on having a stash that is reasonably organized!

  5. I love the colors in your stash - a lot like mine, too. I also tried grouping by color - didn't work too well. I don't know what kind of fibers I have (labels get lost too easily around here), so now I try to bunch them up by weight, as far as I can eyeball them.

    I always create in much more vibrant colors than I dress or decorate my house in - I love the excitement and boldness.

    and... I gave you a blog award here because I love your yarn and energy -


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