Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three Kinds of Stashing

This post was meant to go up yesterday, but fuck it, I had a rough day. Up early on a Saturday morning to do some dyeing, so I may as well write a blog post while the silk soaks, eh?

Thursday night was the monthly spin-in night hosted by my fiber guild. I've only been once before, & was expecting a better turnout (there were 3 of us, plus the hostess). The upside was that it was hosted at the new Eureka Fabrics location, where I got my fill of fabric fondling for the week. And I splurged (only $7.99 a yard!) on 2 3/8 yards of this gorgeous African wax print cotton from Côte d'Ivoire to make a skirt (read about the history of these fabrics here and about the wax-resist dyeing process here.) Rima also has stunning hand-stitched fabrics from India, gorgeous silks, organic hemp, sewing & quilting classes, and garments hand-made by Sister Crow.

And this is the haul from my day spent toiling at my LYS, hands on CRAFT, yesterday: 10 skeins of Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss. If I were the go-to marketing genius there, I'd be calling it 'Pure Bliss', but then I'm a hyperbolic kind of chick. 100% silk singles, in a red reminiscent of a pomegranate. I'm thinking of knitting a t-shirt with it; maybe the Cap Sleeved Top written specifically for this yarn? (Rav link)

Finally, I dyed 'Goth Plunge', a poofy, soft Rambo-Merino-Targhee blend roving this past week, & am just now getting it into the shop. It delights me! There are 4 braids available, but I'll tell ya a secret: I just might hoard one for myself!

Oh, and there are still 2 of the 6 pounds of CVM-Merino raw wool available if you are interested. The listing is here; get it quick before it's all gone!!

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  1. That Debbie Bliss is gorgeous. I think the Cap Sleeved Top would look fantastic in that color.


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