Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is What Happens When You Blow Off Work

Today, like yesterday, was supposed to be silk-dyeing day. It wasn't. Instead, today was a day of complete & utter goof-off-i-ness. Check it.

My good friend Maia took these frakkin' HI-larious shots of me going down on an absolutely enormous Scharfen Berger chocolate bar. "Can I share 'em on my blog?" she says. "Of course, you know I love attention!" says I. But oh, no: that ain't enough for spotlight-hog Velma, no not enough at all. I had to put them up here, too. Check out this blog post over at Maia's for the full story of "The Chocolate Incident" and her shameless plug of luv of yours truly.

Need more proof that Rule 34 is alive and well? How about this video of gratuitous fondling:

Yeah, I know, I got carried away. Those of us who didn't get to attend the real New York State Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY decided that wasn't gonna keep us from pretending. Nope, we just invented ImaginaryRhinebeck, complete with a virtual beer stand, free cashmere for all attendees, a teddy bear shearing demo, & the aforementioned unicorn fiber fondling in the petting zoo. While having a beer with WonderMike, I even saw Elizabeth Zimmerman there!

One more thing: I'm making new yarn for a new project! That's one of my Menage a Trois handspun yarns, 'Flambe', made from retina-burning reds, oranges, purple, & yellow merino from Forest Fiber Works. I've got 4oz., & I'm spinning to make a Harf (Rav link) by Kate Burge & Rachel Price of Spincycle Yarns; the pattern is in the Best. Book. EVER. for handspinners: Intertwined by Lexi Boeger.

I started by spinning it up on my Jenkins Turkish Delight drop spindle, & finished up the 1st cop last night, plying it on the wheel (chain-ply, aka navajo ply). But I need to finish this in my lifetime, & I've already got a crazy-big drop-spindle project going, so I switched to the wheel last night. So far I've got about 25 yards completely finished, & about 1/3 bobbin of singles. Now that I've got a rudimentary long-draw under my belt, it should go much faster than my usual glacial pace.

Guess that's enough for today. Heading to the wheel with a beer. Happy Sunday!


  1. I had a wonderful time at #imaginaryrhinebeck last night. It was great to meet you over the bonfire! I missed the Unicorn petting though. Boo.

    (I was however completely able to hit the 1st annual LYS crawl!)

  2. AuntieJimbo6:49 PM

    From what I understand, #imaginaryrhinebeck has been a greater success than actual Rhinebeck! Not only did I score some self-striping yarn, I also made off with some self-knitting yarn! Awesome!

  3. The photos are great! Imaginary Rhinebeck sounds like it was almost as much fun as Rhinebeck.

  4. Yay!!! I'm so glad we got to see each other again at #imaginaryrhinebeck. Your unicorn fiber is to DYE for. *mwah* xox

  5. i am falling from chair


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