Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Seat of Power

Has shifted, if only momentarily, from the East Bay to Humboldt Co. Yeppers, that's Maia, Queen of Natural Dyeing, who (whom?) has been appearing a lot of late around VWorld. She's wielding her mighty sword of Google-fu to create some Tactile: A Fiber Arts Studio magic right in my very own kitchen! We leave later today for SOAR - can you say ROAD TRIP?!?

And THIS is my pile of SOAR gear, enough for a 10-day road trip-cum-spinning-EXTRAVAGANZA! Art yarn fibers to sell? Check. Every piece of spinning gear I own plus a borrowed charkha and a borrowed takhli? Check. Enough warm clothes to keep my "I'm-too-cold" bitching at a minimum? Check. That's all I really need, isn't it? As long as I have beer money, I think so. (If you are REALLY bored, I've annotated the photo on Flickr. Just click it, & you'll be whisked there by the magic of teh internets.)

So, we're off later this afternoon, after a trip to the post office. Then it's time to play, Play, PLAY! I may or may not have internet access over the course of my travels, so there may or may not be more bloggy goodness in the coming week. There may even be some historical surprises waiting, you never know...

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  1. Sounds like a great time. Enjoy!

  2. Go, spin, be fruitful (or something). Have fun!

  3. Loos like you're all set! Love your orange suitcase! it's da bomb!


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