Friday, October 30, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

In anticipation of Halloween tomorrow, I thought I'd offer up some hits from the past. The distant past. Not sure what exactly footie pajamas has to do with Halloween, but I'm gonna go with it.

This one is circa 1965, and apparently a plastic toy tractor just isn't what I wanted at the moment. Already a drama queen. Take note of the hair, a natural red-head. And no, my feet were not circus freak-huge, my jammies are riding down. Maybe that explains the face?

The handsome devil behind me is the Dadster. His side of the fam-damily is the one the red hair came from, his maternal grandmother in fact. Mom tried to send me back, saying no one in our family had red hair, but hospital staff assured her that I was the only 10lb baby that month, & she'd have to take me home. Who knew that great-grandma was dyeing her hair to match her naturally red locks?

How do you like Mom's specs? That's her, & me, & our dog Suzy. Which one had the cuter do, me with my Ayn Rand-style ponytail, or her with her puppy cut?

Last and least, c. 1975: me and Grandma Pearl, my dad's step-mom. I'm already sporting my (now) trademark pigtails, but geez, those glasses! Then, like now, I need new frames.


  1. Thanks for the smile, she with the freakishly large feet. :-D

    Of course, there are photos floating around somewhere with me in adult-sized footy pajamas, bunny ears and a poofy tail.

    How would you pay to see those? ;-)

  2. good golly, you look just like your momma! Thanks for sharing the cute pics :)

  3. Great photos! You're just as cute today as you were back in the 60s!


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