Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here's Waving at You, Kid

In honor of Jacey Boggs, who is arriving today at SOAR so I finally get to meet her!!, I'm re-posting this photo of myself sporting the hat I created for inclusion in her how-to DVD Sit and Spin!, using her faboo Insubordiknit handspun yarn. Called 'Babies in a Blender' (Rav link), it was worn by the drummer in the video. (I think it looked way better on him, but whatever.)

Answering the perennial question: "Art yarn is nice, but what the hell do I do with it?", I crocheted the hat from wee mini-skeins of Jacey's art yarn, complete with little 'shoulder sockets' for the doll arms. Someday I'll make another, using my own art yarn; I want to knit one this time, & I think it needs more appendages!

I thought I wrote a review of the DVD, but can't find it anywhere, so I have something to add to my to-do list when I get home. 'Til then, enjoy these little in absentia blog posts, & this trailer.


  1. i hate dolls so i think i really like how you dismembered them, on the other hand, its freakishly scary. but the colors look great!

  2. It seems great that you get to meet her.


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