Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fiber Pretties

Fall Dyeing
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Yeah, yeah, I know: I haven't dyed much lately. I'm on it now, though.

I did 2lbs of FAT BFL (Blue Faced Leicester for you non-acronym-y types) over the last 2 days. Tuesday was all about spring - I was inspired by our gorgeous (& fleeting, as it turned out) fall weather. Yellow, green & a bit of gray dye + heat + time became 3 4ounce bumps of 'Daff-o-dilly-o' & one of 'Hard-boiled Egg' (it really *does* look like hard-boiled egg colors!).

Then yesterday I did a lb. of purple, pink, & turquoise (2 light, 2 dark), which I'm calling 'My Pretty Pony'. Thanks to Knitch for all the suggestions on colorway names; she get's the official Velma Seal of Approval! (I really *do* need to make an actual seal...)

Soon as these are completely dry, I'll braid 'em & photo 'em & put 'em up in the COLORBOMB Creations Etsy store for your shopping pleasure!

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  1. I love BFL fiber! Very lush and has a great sheen to it.


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