Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's Pink, Lime, Orange, Black, White & Tiki?

Barkcloth Badassosity
Originally uploaded by Velma's World
My 2 yards of HOT, that's what! Remember I mentioned the other day that I'd picked up some slurpy-good vintage fabric? This is one of 'em. My friend Himalaya asked for pics, & I aim to please. I'm thinking that some wide-legged palazzo pants would really show this tiki-esque pattern off to best effect, what do you think?


  1. oooooooo - goygeous!

  2. Amazing! I love the Mondrian-on-acid segment in the upper part of the photo.
    I scored a groovy lo-o-o-ong skirt in this kind of fabric years ago - navy blue and lime green, yellow and white. The color combos can't be beat.
    Bring on the palazzos!

  3. Hey Velma..Long time no see! Just to let you know..Fabric temptations now has a it out!
    Diane (lost in the badlands of northern Idaho!
    also find me


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