Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Old Becomes New

$1 Rack Cover
Originally uploaded by Velma's World
I'm back to my vintage ways again, combing through thrifted chaff to find the gems that, while few & far between, bring a smile to my face. Nothing does that faster than polyester polka dots!! This $1 rack cover fits so well, I think I'll try to make a sewing pattern from it & whip up more. In my thrift store travels last week I also found a few pieces of vintage '60s era fabric that were up to snuff. A magenta/black barkcloth with lime & orange accents, & striped chiffon in aqua, mint, navy, & cream. Neither would be suitable for a shirt like this one, but I see some wide-legged palazzo pants in my future!

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  1. Mmmmmm... Magenta/black barkcloth with lime & orange accents?!?!! I am so jealous. Let's see some pics. That sounds like an educational colorway if I ever heard one :)


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