Monday, June 15, 2009

WWKIP, New Socks, & BSG!

If you're a knitter, you surely know about World Wide Knit in Public Day, held annually the 2nd Saturday in June. Clearly, I was out for WWKIP 2009, as evidenced by the pic above. That's Bea with me, representin' for Purl 'n Hurl. A small turnout, but we had a great time. We met up at Big Blue Cafe beforehand, & she took me out for a belated birthday breakfast, & showered me with lovely presents, including a handmade bag she created & embellished with embroidered cocktails in my boozy honor! After bfast, we knit on the Plaza during Farmers Market from 11-2. Bea worked on her Buckle Bag, & I started a new pair of socks, Annetrelac by Sandy Beadle in Interweave. I'm calling mine 'Veltrelac', haha! Wanna see?

In other news, I'm getting ready for Black Sheep Gathering 2009, later this week! I'm excited to be attending again this year, & also stealth-vending. I am sharing a space again, this time with my friend Janet Finch of Aunt Janet's Fiber Farm. I ordered a BUTTLOAD of pinback buttons from Marajane Creations, on Etsy & despite the fact that I placed my order the week before her freakin' wedding, MJ still graciously filled it & got them to me really quick. I am SO pleased with how the turned out! (Thanks MJ!) I'll be giving them out all weekend. Don't you think they turned out SWELL?

I have one other new kickass THING to bring with me to Black Sheep; I bought myself a cup holder for Harry, my spinning wheel! It was my birthday present to myself, & I couldn't BE more thrilled with it. I know I'll be the envy of every spinner there with my one-of-a-kind RED cupholder form FBN Plastics on Etsy. Look how awesome my sheepie mug from EGMTK looks riding in it!

So, f you'll be at Black Sheep this year, be sure to stop by our booth (inside the middle/main building, all the way to the back) & pick up a button, sign my Bingo card, check out my cup holder, & say 'hi'!

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  1. hey!! i recognise that bea :-) glad to see you're back in the land-o-blogging! belated happy birthday, too :-)


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