Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Won!

The Queen of Glitter, aka Kathy Cano-Murillo of CraftyChica.com (whom I met at Maker Faire recently), had a creative writing contest, Finish the Story, on her blog the day before my birthday, challenging readers to write a back-story for her new "computer doodling" art piece (my doodles should look so good!). About her piece Kathy said "After spending two hours working on her, I stepped back and noticed a few things. Most of all that she has a colorful story going on!" The challenge was to help her with the rest of the story by leaving a comment describing what else is going on. It sounded like fun, so I tossed off a bit of fluff from my keyboard & was surprised to read on Twitter that I WON! Here's what I wrote:
"Fresh-as-a-daisy despite having just stepped off a transcontinental flight from Istanbul (where she traveled to meet with textile movers-and-shakers vying to land the contract for her new line of bedazzled cocktail wear, which she is sporting right this very minute - look how it doesn't wrinkle even after being slept in!), Miss Thing has landed in Paris where she will be leading a group of nascent glitterati of the burgeoning DIY scene in France in a workshop entitled "How Spreading the Word of Glitter Can avert a Global Financial Crisis" before accepting her award as the First Woman to Successfully Employ Baked Goods in a Coiffure. (Please note: she also travels with her own handmade backdrop, which doubles as protection from sun damage in the event of a Sudden Catastrophic Loss of Ozone.)"

What will I receive besides the glory? The two embroidery kits shown above, which tickles me. They're from Sublime Stitching, my new fave window-shopping obsession. Some lucky baby will be sporting a new onesie soon after they arrive, & I'll be working on some clever embroidered cards, too.

Speaking of embroi-doodle-ry, here's the part of the pattern I designed last week to work on my spinning wheel bag. It's my Lendrum! I still need to transfer it to my bag with the 'secret' second half of the design, then I'm ready to put needle to canvas. Not sure if I'll be able to finish it before I leave for Black Sheep Gathering on Thursday (considering I haven't even started!), but I will post process pics as soon as I have 'em.


  1. Congratulations! That bib set is adooorable. And your lendrum transfer looks awesome. Have fun at Black Sheep!

  2. Oh how fun! And congrats on the contest too- how creative! Love the transfer and hope you have a blast at the wool festival! Smooches!

  3. You DESERVED to win with that little story. Thanks for making me smile after a tiring day! I smiled after every sentence. :-)


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