Monday, June 29, 2009

Today was Brought to You by the Color BLUE!

Isn't he cute? Cole's watering the sunflowers Kathy gave me last month when I was in the hospital having my gallbladder taken out. (Aside: best Get Well present EVER!). He planted 'em for us 'cuz he knew that although I have the best of intentions, my follow-through isn't always that great. So he's taken on the task of keeping them alive, too. Can't wait to see them bloom!

This is what I did today. More dyeing! This time it was all about the BLUE. Had a request from a regular COLORBOMB Creations customer for more blue, soooooooooo... Think this is blue enough?

I even found a bag of washed/undyed Wensleydale locks to whip up for her! I tossed 'em in to the crockpot dyebath after pulling the wool out, & there was plenty of dye left in there to get this gorgeous cornflower blue.

Still getting learning some of the nuances of acid dyeing. Took about 5 rinses to get the water to run clear with the first batch (wool), but the second batch (Wensleydale) ran clear on the first rinse. Go figure! I did learn something today though: turns out that it takes a really long time to heat set dye if you don't plug the crockpot in! ;)

Tomorrow will probably be another dye day, but in the meantime I'm gonna leave you with this frog I found on the side of our BBQ yesterday. He was only about 1.5 inches from top to bottom; he looks freakish this big, but I wanted to put my new camera through its paces. It rocked the closeup!


  1. Saw you tags (dyeing, frogs, husbands). My first thought was that you were dyeing you frog husband. My second thought was husbandS!?! Do you have more than one? I really must get more sleep. Or something.

  2. Can I give an unsolicited bit of acid dyeing advice?
    The reason the first batch didn't run clear is that you probably had a bit too much dye. The second batch (the locks) went in the right amount of dye (the wool had soaked some of it up).
    If I find I've put too much dye, I scoop out 2 or 3 cups, add some water and vinegar (or citric acid) and leave it on for a bit longer. Then I can dye with the remaining 2 or 3 cups!

    Hope this is helpful!


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