Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dagnabit, I Missed It!

Following up on my earlier post, I was SO excited to see my yarn 'Clown Pants' featured during the ShopLive event in the Virtual Labs today, and was thoroughly enjoying Garth Johnson's Extreme Craft picks (knit & felted brass knuckles! Louis Pasteur finger puppets! Lost in Space plates!), when my (admittedly free) wifi connection CRAPPED OUT, and I got booted from the chatroom! Doh. Super sad Velma, I managed to *miss* my yarn's virtual debut!

But, it wasn't a complete wash. I managed to get back in just in time to get this screencap with the thumbnail for my yarn still visible (you can even see me crying into my beer about being dropped if you look close). And I picked up a couple of new 'Hearts this Shop' and 'Hearts this Item' hits, as well as untold exposure. All in all, a super positive experience for this spinner.

If you want to read about Garth's other picks, check out the Spotlight in The Storque by daniellexo.

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  1. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Wow, I'm not the only one having probs with the Virtual labs 0_o I tried to connect to it yesterday and either there was no sound from the webcam or my broadband just kept throwing me off. Still, congrats on getting your item highlighted! Hopefully I can catch you in one of these ;)


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