Friday, January 02, 2009

01/02/09 Friday Freaky Fun Fact & Foto

Fact: I am addicted to self-portraits. Addicted! Those that have met me will not be surprised by this; they might go so far as to apply the label 'narcissist' to me, and they might not be wrong. I *love* taking pictures of myself!

This was not always the case (the picture part; the self-absorbed part has always been present, I fear). I came late to my obsession with my visage in 'film', or it's third millennium counterpart - the .jpeg. Time was, I was just like the average western woman, who abhorred having her picture taken. But somewhere along the line I learned a secret: if you take enough pictures, 1 or 2 in the batch is *bound* to be a decent one!

This one is kinda crappy, 'cuz I only took 2, so there were only 2 to choose from. This is my final photo of 2008, self-portrait or otherwise; I snapped it as I walked to the New Year's Eve party at the house of our friends Shawnee & Tryphena.

Back to the self-portrait obsession. Eventually, I found the 365 Days group on Flickr, where participants are tasked with taking 1 self-portrait every day for a year; that's 365 *consecutive* self-portraits. Daunting, but fun - and very challenging. Sadly, due to technical issues, I only got as far as Day 276 in my own endeavor; doh! I'm considering re-starting the project in 'o9, from the beginning. Wanna see how far I got? My 365 Days photoset is HERE. Not enough? Check out my 'Moi' photoset, filled with enough Velma to satisfy anyone.

OK, last week I forgot to tag anyone for the FFFFnF challenge, but not this week! Hey John, Sayra, LarZaina, Bananer, and Annie: I challenge you to post a Freaky Fun Fact and a Foto about yourself today! Be sure to link back here, so I can find you, and tag 5 more bloggers so we can spread the love. Have fun!


  1. I have met your challenge! hope I pass.

    btw I love your new banner.

  2. Wow, good luck with the daily photos. You are braver than me. :-) Are you going to post all of them on the blog?

  3. You did great, LarZaina! Thanks for playing!! :)

    EarlyBird, when I did the 365 project before, some of the photos showed up on the blog, but most stayed just on Flickr. If I re-do it, I would reconsider that if there was interest in seeing them all here - what do you think?


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