Monday, December 22, 2008

This is so Gross

My finger is grossing me out. I've got an infection on my ring finger where my wedding band is supposed to be! The consensus is that it's a reaction to soap residue, but since I *always* take it off before washing my hands, showering, doing dishes (fragile opals, you know), I don't think that can be it. My theory? The silver polish I used on it a few weeks ago is trapped in the indentations behind the opals and is giving me a chemical burn. Yeouch! Whatever it is, it ain't pretty. Here's the offending ring:

I think I'm gonna let my finger heal (again) and try soaking the ring in soapy water in hopes of removing any chemical residue that might be causing the problem. Any other ideas?

At least it isn't slowing down my knitting. Small victories.


  1. Take it to a jeweler! I am not sure how opal comes to peridot (my stone) in fragility during cleaning, but the steam cleaning my jeweler gave my rings was like magic, and water is obviously pretty gentle.

    Hope you heal quickly!

  2. That should be, "how opal *compares* to peridot..."

  3. thx maggie! opals shouldn't be ultrasonically cleaned; i wonder if steam-cleaning is ok? i think i will ask my jeweler friend about it.

    ps - i love peridot too, although the only one i own turned out to be green glass. oh well!

  4. My wife tells me that she is allergic to me. She will not wear her ring in public so others will not know that she is married to me.

  5. Zeep, don't they make a cream for that too? ;)


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