Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow in Arcata?

We had snow at sea level in Arcata this morning, and although it didn't stick, the hail we got later in the afternoon still covers our Sunny Brae yard. I don't think it ever got above about 40F today; it was like having an actual winter here in Cali. Every vehicle I saw coming down off the Hill had a blanket of snow on it, too; up there it really is winter. We enjoyed even the possibility of snow, as evidenced by this pic of our back deck, hail and all.

Not having snow is particularly hard on Cole, who grew up in the Sierra foothills, where December means snow to play in. We'll have to try to get him a snow day up at Horse Mountain sometime this year. Me, I can live without it; I get cold waaay to easily to pine for more than the occasional dusting.

Mostly I just spent the day indoors, admiring the hail from the comparative warmth of the woodfire-warmed living room, and knit with my feet to the fire. Worked on a couple of Xmas gifts, but I'm not going to post pics 'cuz some of the recipients have been known to be VWorld lurkers. So I'll share this photo of the Jaywalker sock I just finished. I love this pattern! Easy-peasy with very pleasing results. Suited my yarn nicely too. One down, one to go!

Tomorrow it's back to the spinning wheel, and a second attempt at locating my box of xmas snowglobes. Tried to decorate today but didn't get far because of MIA Santa domes. They've gotta be around here somewhere...


  1. Very pleasing indeed! Love the colors. Now I need to dig mine out and finish them up.

    Want me to ship some snow out your way for Cole? I'd be happy to share. ;-)

  2. Hi Kerry! Nice to hear from you.

    I love these colors; put 'em on hold 'til after xmas knitting is done.

    Ha! I'll tell Cole you're willing to part w/ some of your snow. Stay warm!



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