Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Freaky Fun Fact & Foto

I know, Fridays are supposed to be for Fiber, but I'm bored with that. Thought I'd introduce a new Friday theme: Friday Freaky Fun Fact & Foto! I'll reach back into my murky past and pull out a little known and (to some anyway) freaky fun fact about me. Photodocumented where possible, of course.

Jumping right in: this Kodak Moment from September 7, 2002.

That's yours truly on the left, flanked by my peeps: Nettie, Cheryl, Marsh, Doug, & Patty. This was taken outside Casablanca Restaurant in Eureka, CA (RIP) the day I... (wait for it) - got my nipple pierced! Yes, I'm a pierced badass. This is our commemorative photo (Nettie & Cheryl were with me, but I'll leave it to them to disclose their nipular status, be they be bejeweled or unadorned). But why is Marsh baring his nipple, you ask? The official plan was, everyone would flash the camera, but without discussion everyone else had the good sense to leave their hems firmly over their belts; but not Marsh! Good thing, too; this shot would have been yawn-city without his manly torso on offer.

OK, I got the ball rolling. In an attempt to become a trend-setter, I tag and challenge the following bloggers to follow my Friday Freaky Fun Fact & Foto lead:

Tag, you're it! Write a post with a freaky fun fact (and a photo if you have one), and don't forget to tag 5 more.

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  1. Your meme too too hard. I will have to think about it...

  2. aw, come on bea, you can do it!


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