Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Walk in the Woods with Friends

Yesterday, I went on a lovely hike to visit a very special tree. Her name is Luna, and she played a very big role in Cole's pre-Velma world (you can read his account HERE). That's her, yesterday, in her home in the Sanctuary Forest near Stafford, CA.

A 1000 year-old Coast Redwood, she is very beautiful, and powerful, and difficult to visit. But I was privileged to be part of a small group of people invited to hike in and visit her yesterday, and picnic at her base.

I spent the day there with Cole & his good friend Julia, who spent 738 days in Luna's branches 180 feet of the forest floor almost 10 years ago, as well as Luna's caretaker Stuart, and friends Laurie, Rachel, Tryphena, & Mike.

It was a beautiful fall day; no rain, no fog, just good company, good food, and a grand setting in the redwoods. Julia brought lunch for us all, and everyone shared their memories of the struggle to protect Luna. As one of the 3 in our group 'meeting' Luna for the first time, I found the stories mesmerizing.

I even got to do some knitting while there! I brought my Stoner Socks (Jaywalkers), plopped down in the hollow created by lightning at Luna's base, and knit away, listening all the while to the others' recollections about their times in these woods. They were really part of something bigger than them, something that mattered.

Just before we all went our separate ways, I took this picture of Cole with Rachel and Julia. He was a happy boy! It was a very good day.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Yeah Velma is back! That must have been such a special moment for both of you. You two are in our thoughts and I have been waiting for your return. Helps me (and I think Varuna too) stay connected to you two up there.
    Much love,
    M & V

  2. Hi Michelle! Thanks for checking in. Sorry I didn't reply to your last comment, or the funnies you sent for Halloween. Trying to blog more regularly. Are you still on the East Coast? Thinking of you and Varuna. Hugs, V

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I am back in So Cal :) Settling in again. V is hard at work in school, only a month to go! Any chance of you guys making it down this way sometime?
    Big Hugs,

  4. M: oh good, you're back! I guess we could take the bus down there; but it's like a 20-hour trip via Greyhound, and it would cost a couple hundred bucks, so I dunno... We should talk!

    Hi John! Thanks for checkin' in. It WAS great, I've got to admit.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I'm very happy to see Julia ten years after, I liked the book soooo much, I'm really happy!

  6. That is so wonderful! I first read Julia's book a few years ago, and was moved by her passion and commitment. How amazing to be able to meet her and spend the day in Luna's company!

  7. Anonymous4:18 PM

    20 Hours on the Greyhound wow! Would a commuter flight be any cheaper? I know it would be shorter ;)

    If you guys can't do it we understand, but would love to see you. We hope to make it up there sometime. Not sure when.

  8. yep, 20 hrs and about $220 each, so almost $450 for both of us, rt. by plane that week would be about $350-400 each, depending on how long we stayed, so at least $700 total. we just don't have that kind of money these days. :( wish we *could* come for a visit though! someday...

    kerry has suggesting all of us meeting in the middle in the bay area sometime.

  9. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Many thanks to Cole and all the good forest people. It was a grand, historic time and look at Julia. Still so beautiful and shining! What a great hike to be a part of. I'm sure all the more vibrant for your participation V!
    -- Alison

  10. Thankyou for sharing your pictures and story Luna is lovely:)Hugs Darcy

  11. thanks everyone, for all the lovely comments!


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