Thursday, November 06, 2008

Knitterly Reconciliation

Not sure if the uptick in comments on yesterday's post is a result of the probing nature of my writing, the fact that everyone has an opinion to express about politics, or simply the fact that it has been almost four months (four months!) since my last blogging. Whatever; it seemed like the time to get back to it, and I guess you agree.

If the new Knitter's Review newsletter, Who We Are is any indication, I'm not the only one thinking and writing about coming together, post-election. Clara Parkes also seems to be thinking in terms of overcoming division. Here's the opener to her KR newsletter today:
"In all these years, I've only seen two things threaten the connection among knitters: religion and politics. And acrylic."
How true. She goes on to provide some statistical insight into the "common threads that connect us as knitters". Although I'm not a huge believer in statistics, particularly after my grad school experiences with them (as Disraeli said: "There's lies, damned lies, and statistics"), one from the newsletter caught my eye:
"we proudly and comfortably will knit in public (58.7%), although some of us tend to be a little more cautious about knitting with people until we've identified them as knitting-friendly (21.7%)" (bolds mine)
Hmmm. I am definitely part of the 58%+ that knits willy-nilly anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone, but you could probably guess that by the pics here. How about you? Are you a public knitter?

All of these photos are me, knitting on our camping trip 2 weekends ago for the All Hallows Heave, our annual Halloween disc golf tournament. At the campfire, while others carve jack-o-lanterns, in the sun & in the shade - I knit for 4 days, obsessively, on my Howler Monkey socks. I'm a slow knitter, so in those four days I only got as far as halfway through the heel flap on this top-down pattern. But they are knitting up like hair dye (nice 'n easy)! Bringing the 2nd one to do some more KIPing tonight on our new day for Purl 'n Hurl.

So if you are a public knitter, get out there and knit! But either way, here's to hoping that we can all find ways to do some post-election "knitterly reconciliation".

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