Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Absentee Velma

I've been having a hard time getting good blogging mojo again, folks. Lots has happened in the last week, but I'll wait to post on it.

Instead, here's the photos from last night's Purl 'n Hurl KIP gathering.
This week, we had 12 knitters, a hooker, and a husband. Thanks, Eli, for letting me rope you into playing photographer!

1. Happy Photog, 2. Lookit Us!, 3. The Band, 4. Bea & V, 5. Gaye & Des, 6. Suzy WIP KIP, 7. Elena WIP KIP, 8. Bea WIP KIP, 9. Velma WIP KIP, 10. April WIP KIP, 11. Kellen WIP CIP, 12. Happy Knitters, 13. Happy Knitters, 14. Purl 'n Hurl

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Come join us soon! We meet on Wednesday nights at Mazzotti's on the Arcata Plaza. Oh, and a few of us are also meeting on Saturdays at the Farmers Market on the Arcata Plaza, on the southeast corner, facing the band, from about 11am to 1:00ish. We even bring spinning wheels! All are welcome.

I'll give an update soon on the scarf I (finally) finished, using my Floofle-y handspun. That's it on the broomstick-sized needles you see me wielding.


  1. Anonymous5:49 AM

    THose are some honker needles!!!

  2. No kidding! It's like wielding broom sticks. ;)


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