Monday, April 28, 2008

Lots Goin' on in V-World

Is this the cutest baby ever, or what? Welcome Dinon into the world, readers. He was born on 4/20 (insert stoner joke here), and he's the best hat model EVER! I made that hat for him awhile back, before he was even conceived, as a matter of fact; I just didn't *know* it was for him 'til he popped out. I can't get over how much I love those little fists (I think he's sick of campaigning, too). ;) Oh, the hat? Made with Koigu KPPPM, which I can't recommend highly enough for infant hats: so soft! And easy to work with, too.

Put up a custom reserved listing today on Etsy, for a BOMBits Spinning Kit of art yarn ingredients in 'Crayola'. My plan is to make a bunch more kits in a variety of colors to take to Black Sheep Gathering, so if you're planning on attending and you've been jonesing for one, come by my booth for a visit. If you have a color request, be sure to drop me a line and let me know - I'd be happy to try to accomodate your special request.

Guess what arrived a day early? My new carder!!! My beater Fricke that I bought used from Otto Strauch, to complement my Finest that I got for Christmas from my sweetie in '06. Isn't it purdy? Started makin' batts on it immediately, and cranked out enough for a 50+ yard skein of WoolyBear yarn in nothin' flat. Put aside the supercoils for awhile, and spun that up. Now it's back to LoopyDoopy for a few more days. But check back tomorrow for pics of the WoolyBear yarn and batts...

Oh, and I keep forgetting to post this photo of my 'stable' of wheels. I took it a week or 2 ago, after my Pirtle was fixed. L to R: 'Myrtle', Vintage Pirtle Bulky Spinner, c. 1970s; 'Harry', Lendrum DT; and 'Babe', Babe Production DT.

And just to leave you with a weird piece of trivia: I can't believe how many hits in my blog stats come from the search parameter "knitting pattern penis" (and I suppose writing that won't help any either). I think I may have to write one, since there is apparently such a huge clamoring for it. ;)


  1. Well if the world is looking for a knitted penis, it's only right there should be a pattern out there!!!! Looks like you're the woman for it Velma.


    mrs moon

  2. haha, you might be right! but i think there is already a pattern or two out there...


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